Here’s the problem. Serious DJs have always protected their equipment with tough flightcases, but the range of mixers, controllers and decks on the market has exploded – and therefore so have the shapes and sizes of equipment that needs safely encasing.

Well, we think we’ve found the solution. Skeletoncase is a growing range of customisable flightcases featuring pickfoam inside. This cleverly designed double-layer padding can easily be tailored to fit almost every product on the market today – over 90% of DJ tech we worked out, during extensive tests – giving your precious hardware the ultimate defence against the knocks, bumps and drops of life on tour.

DJ technology progresses at such speed these days that you’ll inevitably want to upgrade your gear to something that may well be a slightly different size, (usually smaller!) in a year or two. In the past that would mean a whole new flightcase, but now, Skeletoncase owners just order a replacement pickfoam layer and customise it to a new, perfect fit.

Take a look at Mojaxx’s video showing just how easy it is to customise pickfoam.

We honestly think this is the best system out there for transporting your valuable tools of the DJing trade, and it’s also one of the most affordable options too.

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