In order to protect a DJ’s mixer, controller, CD deck or other performance hardware, traditional flightcases needed to ensure a perfectly snug fitting foam interior.

Often, that meant the case had to be a costly bespoke model, or the DJ would risk their valuable tools rattling around in a mismatched, cheaper option. Not good.

Now, the rapidly-growing Skeletoncase range deftly sidesteps both problems. The cases are highly affordable by comparison to traditional models, and they’re also fully customisable, meaning they will give a perfect fit to over 90% of the DJ gear currently available.

From the largest keyboard or controller such as the Pioneer XDJ R1 (see the FF79-45 Universal Pickfoam Case) to the most compact unit like the Denon DNS1200 (try the FF37-30 Universal Pickfoam Case), all will enjoy the perfect, secure fit.

There’s also a Prostyle range offering even more heavy duty styling and spec.

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